I am kai werder

living in hamburg and there making art not products.not making my magnum opus


>here are most of my games. Including the games that are on my page


To make it easier for you to choose a starting point here four experiences that I am really proud of


Not all games that made it on this list are actually any good, but they are all a part of me.
Prototypes or games I really want people to forget didn't make it

game nameyearoccasion
Krakoogle2015LD 33
Dangerzone2015LD 34
Desert Trader2016LD 35
Monster Inspector2016AGBIC 16
Advanced Tactics2016Mini LD 66
Journey into the Unknown2016 
House on the Right2016LD 36
Plot Holes2016Pippin Barr GJ
Fishing Rod 30002016LD 37
MelON2017Melon GJ
Kohlbergs Theorie der Moralentwicklung2017philosophy class
Blend in in Berlin2017Civic #2 GJ
Alias Express2017AGBIC 17
Hove2017Bric-A-Brac Bitsy Jam
First Person Exploration Kit2018Finally Finish Something Jam
Ostsee2018Bitsy Gamesswap
Conquer a chef's heart2018LD 48
White Sector2018UE4 GJ
Others2018AGBIC 18
RedEye AR2018AGBIC 18
KitschWare2019valentines present
KitschPainter2019easter present
FragileFracht2019support present
Socks by its cover2019AGBIC 19
Drifting Starlight2020LD 39
ChitChat2020AGBIC 20
Late Summer Tales2020AGBIC 20
Hoch_Tief2021clouds bitsy jam
Catfishing2021LD 48
cui bono2021Learning Godot
murder mystery collage2021Amaze MUSEUMS GJ
Midnight Metro20215 Year Bitsy Jam
Emilys birthday card2022Learning Twine / Present


A game by it's cover is a wonderful event where I got to know a lot of inspiring folks.
This event is about turning fictional game cartridge label art from the my famicase exhibition into real games.
the my famicase exhibition is an annual art exhibition in Tokyo for fictional game cartridge labels for the old Nintendo famicom. Of course, it fills my heart to see that they accepted these pieces.


HUD teraform


tera {alt grc} the world shrinks by the means of the monster. We will cling to mother nature to survive. The last remaining question from humanity is: ¿how long?

HUD Howler's UndergrounD



your family dynasty tried to shape a medieval trading city surrounded by walls in the north of Europe but sadly the ruled don’t follow everything your noble family regional development plans says

HUD Howler's UndergrounD

HUD Howler's UndergrounD


“The UI Designer will fix it!” that was the sentence she heard the last month of development every day. The game was buggy as hell, not even the 3D Engine really worked. Still the release date was settled. She came, she saw and she threw it all out.


Zines are self-published mostly small magazines distributed with copy machines. I like the DIN A 4 format and somehow always make a comic out of it

HUD Howler's UndergrounD

a cloud asks for the meaning of life

In this zine you follow a cloud searching for the purpose of life itself.
this zine was made in the electronic zines maker



follow a moon cop and his sidekick on their morning routine

Jede Reise beginnt

Jede Reise beginnt

a zine collab about journeys Lara stoffers


Fall - Herbst

a zine collab about autumn with Lara stoffers

itching poetry zine

Itching poetry zine

a zine about an accidental poem that made me think about life

itching poetry zine


a zine about the three cranes in my neighborhood with pictures shot over a year

itching poetry zine

Lenas Portfolio

see the talent for yourself :)

First Person Exploration Kit

First Person exploration kit

a collection of blueprints for the Unreal Engine 4+5, which help in making walking simulators with a lot of interactivity

Bitsy 3d website info website

this website collects the information about the bitsy 3D fork (which I did not make). There is a also a tutorial if you want to get started

+ I helped translate the original bitsy to german

making some stickers

the public space is for everyone not only advertising but also for art!So you can go out today and start trying to notice cool sticker design for example at lamp posts or start posting your designs / mine where it's legal.these sticker designs are already in cymk color space so it is ready to print under the anti-capitalist software license

looking back / year rewinds

so, you just want to see my face and for you some random pictures what I did over the past years? okay be my guest